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Managing your outdoor spaces

Together with you, we will develop a harmonious master plan for your garden or your grounds. Starting the season off on the right foot with a spring clean up, weekly maintenance complete with fertilizer and weed control program, and a fall clean up.


Spring Clean up

Give your yard the headstart it needs for a healthy growing season. Our regular package includes blowing out all hedges and beds of leafs and other lawn debris; dethatching using power-rake; mow and trim; and fertilizer application. Core aeration is offered as an extra. Aerate to decrease puddling, increase fertilizer uptake, release lawn gases, increase tolerance to heat and drought, improved cushioning. Spring clean up usually commence in April (weather permitting and can run into May. Check out our Spring Clean up Packages here.


Weekly Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to a healthy lawn. The cutting season usually commences in the middle of May and will run until mid October.  Most lawns will require weekly maintenance. Bi-weekly clients increase cutting time and wear and tear on the equipment and rates will reflect this. Contact us today.


Fall Clean up

Fall clean-ups usually commence in mid October. Clean-ups consist of removing as much leaf debris as possible from beds and yard, mow and trim. Aeration and fall fertilizer application are highly recommended. Contact us today.

Complete Snow and Ice Management

We are able to service a wide range of clientele from large condominium complexes and commercial malls all the way down to residential. Our crews have years of experience and will keep walkways and roadways clear of ice and snow.

Other services

Public and commercial lawns

We can help with permit procedures and serve in the role of customer liaison for construction work.



Functionality, design and budget: we take into account these three aspects when planning and implementing your park.


Maintaining trees and plants

Your trees and plants are in good hands with us.

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